Hanuman Da’ Damdaar Movie Review


tale: After he undertakes one too many dangerous adventures, Hanuman is positioned underneath residence arrest by way of his mother. even as staying interior make him incredibly of a softie, instances soon alternate, and the toddler sets off on any other journey that transforms him back to the amazing one.review: Animation movies in India are few and some distance among. So, when a film like ‘Hanuman Da’ Damdaar’, with a solid that includes Salman Khan hits the theatres, your interest is without delay piqued. however the truth that Salman has simplest about a couple of minutes of dialogues within the complete film feels like a bummer. but, for all the time he’s there, voicing the senior Hanuman, he continues you entertained. the first component that strikes you approximately the movie is the humour. With current lingo, a smattering of pop-way of life and Bollywood references thrown in, kids will immediately identify with. sure the humour in the film is goofy, however the film wears its goofiness like a Badge of honor.

The animation great is a great deal better than different Indian animated movies that have hit the displays within the recent past. you could find numerous Lion King references, such as (pleasure rock, The stampeded and many others.). however, the animation is smooth simplest in bits, which include the the outlet series of the movie, or the manner track is picturised, like the Maa track. In other scenes though, the extent of animation dips and resembles the type of commonplace 2nd animation you notice on television.

Songs are every other of the movie’s power. Sneha Khanwalkar has churned out a brilliant mix of peppy and serious numbers, especially the very groovy track ‘Bhai O Bhai’. The voice cast has achieved a reputable activity, too. Hussain Dalal as Garud, Arnav as baby Hanuman and Makrand Deshpande as Vishrav are a few that stand out. Its Achilles heel although is the story that’s vulnerable and which dips after the primary 1/2. It does select up towards the very quit, but with the aid of then it’s too past due to get again into the groove. a bit greater damdaar script would supply the grown-americathreat to enjoy the movie too. however for now, it’s most effective the youngsters who may also end up having a good time.

The film begins with a long disclaimer elaborating on how it is giving a contemporary twist to mythology but, in the process, doesn’t intend hurting religious sentiments. However, lest this raise your expectations that Hanuman Da Damdaar would offer a modern outlook and progressive values to the coming generation be sufficiently warned that it certainly doesn’t.

Yes there is a feeble, irreverent attempt at humanising the gods — a yo-dude speaking Vishnu who has a habit of getting into contractual agreements with his bhakts — but it remains half-hearted and too obvious a gag.

What the film does in the name of modernising is that it marries the mythology of yore with contemporary myth-making, i.e. Bollywood. So the older Hanuman (only for a few minutes of the screen time) speaks in the voice of Salman Khan and self-reflexively parrots his famous lines—from “Ek baar jo maine commitment kar li” to “Mujhpe ye ehsaan karma” — a tad too convenient and easy a device to raise laughs.

It’s not the flat visuals or the stale jokes. What irks and pains about the film is that instead of offering an alternative to the Bollywood brand of entertainment that the children are anyhow perennially exposed to, it ends up peddling the worst of its stereotypes to them — the predictable, slapstick humour; the scatological jokes; the broad caricatures of the “accented” South Indians, “loud” Haryanvis and Punjabis and the cringe-worthy, the token gay guy who is the butt of the jokes. I was also intrigued by the colour coding — how the good guys and those up in the hierarchy are fair (and beautiful) and how the villains and those down in the classist world are dark (and ugly). It’s unfortunate, that this regressiveness is getting reiterated in the name of fun and masti.

Some sequences with the creatures of the forest are cute and the peppy music comes with an infectious charm. But largely Hanuman Da Damdaar is disappointing in not setting any new standards for children’s entertainment.